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Unisex - Feather Bear Baby Onesie


The first of its kind for a Native American company! You saw it here first.

Your baby is going to have so many smiles wearing this. They may never want to take it off.

Also a great gift idea!

100% Soft Flannel

Size Chart

Size Length Chest Sleeve Shoulder
2-4M 52cm 21" 52cm 21" 23cm 9.0" 23cm 9.0"
4-6M 56cm 22.1" 56cm 22.1" 25cm 9.9" 25cm 9.9"
6-12M 64cm 25.2" 62cm 24.4" 28cm 11.0" 27cm 10.6"
12-18M 68cm 26.8" 64cm 25.2" 31cm 12.2" 29cm 11.4"
18-24M 72cm 28.4" 72cm 28.4" 33cm 13.0" 31cm 12.2"
24-30M 76cm 29.9" 76cm 29.9" 36cm 14.2" 33cm 13.0"

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