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Dirt Road Raised -Toddler (Unisex)

Heather Columbia Blue
At Feather Bear, we value sharing the commonalities between our cultures to build mutual respect and understanding. This Dirt Road Raised T-shirt highlights some of those commonalities.

For some people, wearing this tee may be a way to show pride for your country, farm-raised upbringing. For others, it may mean pride for your indigenous tribe and their autonomous land.

Whether you grew up on a farm in Kentucky, on a Native American reservation in the states, or in a village in Alaska, you likely grew up on a dirt road. At first glance, you may not have anything else in common, but with a deeper look, it’s clear that you all have much in common. You likely grew up playing outside, hunting or fishing, and spending a lot of time with your family.

Finding these similarities between seemingly very different cultures can help us feel comfortable in diverse spaces and build empathy for others.

• 100% cotton
• Pre-shrunk fabric
• Side-seamed
• Relaxed fit for extra comfort

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